It’s almost year one of quarantine and extremely hard to stay productive, now of course our self-worth should not be measured by how productive

1. Turn off the Notifications on your phone

Truth is you don’t need them, if you’re being real with yourself 98% of those notifications are irrelevant and just give you anxiety. Notifications are designed to distract you, get addicted, and wanting more. So just go cold turkey and turn them off.

Listen to Joy on social media overwhelm and data privacy on Chisme that Matters Podcast


There is productivity in being mindful of your tech consumption 🙌🏽 #smalbiztips #productivityhacks

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2. Tackle 3 things at a time

Do one to three things a day, not more than 3! The goal is to not overwhelm yourself. The goal is to get through those 3 tasks , feel accomplished and move onto the next 3 tasks vs thinking “i have 6 tasks to accomplish” not getting through all those 6 and feeling like a failure.

3. Aim to accomplish one task

Focus on one task you want to finish then set a timer to accomplish that task in your given time frame. If you are struggling with time management this is one way that puts the pressure on to get it done.

4. Take a break

Yes, you read that right. Take a break, let your mind wander and think of non-work things. Go do something you enjoy, make a tiktok if you so dare (and not for work or clout for pure fun). You need to let your mind recharge in order to stay productive, all work and no play will burn you out. I know this first hand, and you can’t be productive if you are tired af.


Productivity tips part 4, this might seem counterintuitive but it’s necessary. What are you doing to recharge? Lemme know in the comments 👇🏽

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5. put the phone away

Yes you, go and put that phone away. If you are mindlessly scrolling and can’t go to bed because you are awake wasting time and not adding any value to your life. Then why? Think about what is adding value to your life, are you laughing, enjoying, and balancing with your day to day or just consuming interrupting your day.


THIS ONE GOES OUT TO FUTURE ME 😭😭😭 do you struggle with this one too? #productivitytips #timemanagementhacks #mindfulness #womenintech

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6. be intentional with your apps

You want to ensure that you are intentional with your use of social media and apps. Technology is a tool and we need to remind ourselves to use it as such. If you are feeling suckered in and addicted, set aside time limits that you go on and check social media vs feeling like you need to check it constantly. Set aside parts of the day to enjoy connecting with others vs mindlessly going in and needing that “like” hit of the day. Remember that you control tech, not the other way around.

7. Divide up a task

If you have a task on your to-do list that feels so overwhelming you may just want to give up. Instead what we are going to do is divide that task up into smaller tasks, and then those into even smaller tasks. Then we work our way to completing our project with out feeling so overwhelmed – just a little bit at a time.


This one goes out to all my overwhelmed fam 🥲😅 you got this ! One step at a time. What are you trying to get done today?

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8. sleep more

Now, I know you might be like me and be like “uh why sleep when I could make money and get sh*t done” yes, but hear me out – not sleeping and pulling all nighters is how we end up burning out. Letting our brains rest allows us to recharge and think with more clarity to tackle the coming day. So don’t forget to get your 6-8 hours a night.


I am the QUEEN of bad sleeping habits & working on it. This is what’s working & I’m joining @mizzbusby sleep challenge this month ! 😴😴😴

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9. Bucket Your Tasks

When you have similar tasks you want to bucket these together and knock it out of the park. Basically, think of the similar tasks that require the same skills or energy and accomplish them at one instead of switching back and forth. Example if you have to write emails, blog posts, send DMS – these all require sitting down and writing so try to set apart time when you are going to accomplish all these then move on. to your next task ie: phone calls instead of going emails/calls/ blog posts/ more calls. That way your brain isn’t switching back and forth.

10. Don’t Forget to Eat

This one is for my fellow workaholics and adhd fam, go each something. Set reminders on your calendar or phone to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t give into being so obsessed with working that you forget to eat, to keep going and stay sharp we need to take care of our bodies and the truth is you’ll end up with a migraine later on that will eat into your prime productivity hours.


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