Congrats overachiever you!

you took the risk and launched your business. You took that idea that you’d been sitting with and decided to go for it, to do with so many are afraid to do but…
You’ve found that it’s more than you expected. You realize that there is more to business than just making a sale. Every time you solve a problem a new one pops up, every time you think you got it you realize there is more pieces.
You started your business so you didn’t have to answer to anyone else but you find yourself running your business 24/7 – wishing ONE DAY i’ll get it right. 
You often think “One day I’ll hit profit. One Day I’ll get my sh*t together….”
One day you’ll actually get 8 hours of sleep, wake up early, and be making money relaxing and actually enjoying life.
Well YOU CAN – it’s all about building systems and structure for yourself to DO IT!
What if I told you one day is closer than you think?

The truth is you need a system! You need structure, and it’s okay that you’re doing all the things and putting out all the fires. The key is making your business work with you – and building systems that let you go from idea to execution letting you be proactive and efficient instead of reactive and just fixing. 

What if I told you all you needed was to learn to leverage the power of the internet to work for you?

Turn your Business Into an Streamlined Success

Stop struggling to grow your business  and leverage the power of the internet 
to reach the right clients, increase profit, and work less!


  • Streamline Your Business: How to go from feeling overwhelmed in your business to working smoothly, efficiently, and automated.
  • Find & Own your Voice: Own your awkwardness, it’s your super power! it’s what makes YOU the right person to build your business.
  • Community Centered Content Marketing: Attract and Repel the right people – the people who’s values align with you, are the right clients and customers
  • Build to Impact in Community: Connect with other builders just like you looking to make an impact in their community AND make money, yes you can do both!
…then this bootcamp is for you!

IN THIS 6 WEEK Builder Bootcamp,

  1. How to Manage your Time for Maximum Productivity & Tranquility
  2. How to Streamline Your Money to increase profit and avoid big mistakes
  3. How to Build a Process learn all to think systematically to go from day to day overwhelm to running with easy.
  4. How to Manage your Projects with east, learn the best practices and tools
  5. How to Hone in on Your Purpose to have Maximum Impact owning Your Authentic Story
  6. How to Grow an Audience: Learn how to do market research and how to attract & repel the right people
  7. How to Build a Community:  Learn how to Build a Community from Online to IRL in a Non Sleazy way that has Maximum impact beyond just $$
  8. How to do Community Focused Content Marketing: Learn How to Create, Produce, and Edit Content that builds your Brand and adds Value
  9. How Automate your Content : On the web to be in the right spaces in the right time and find the RIGHT people that will vouch for you & pay you!
  10. How to Standardize & Automating Your Business Systems: you’ll learn how to adjust and tweek to keep growing your business that runs smoothly 

Hi 👋🏽 I’m Joy Valerie

I’m a 29-year-old Guatemalan American RIT Grad who has been working in startups and Adtech for the last 8 years. 

In that time I’ve built logistics and strategy that allowed media companies to monetize their online content and maximize profits. 

I expanded companies into Poland, Switzerland, India, NY, and LA leading to a multi million dollar acquisition.


With my help companies like Mitu, H-Code, and The Hill generated millions of dollars but after getting tired of watching tech bros get rich off independent creator’s content, I decided to apply what I learned by launching my blog Part Time Exploradora while I traveled abroad to 26 different countries. It became a log of my travels and my journey in tech, geared specifically at empowering women to see the world on their own terms and make money doing it.


Using my knowledge I partnered with organizations like US Travel Summit, Hostel International, and the CDC as well as brands like Health-Aid and Seamless.

 This eventually inspired me to start my podcast Basic Brown Nerds (which now has over 100k downloads), Blog which was a finalist for the Tecla Award, and my media agency Carrera Digital. 

I’ve worked with organizations like TechStars, Google for startups, and The Kapor Center as well as brands like Hispanisize, Techqueria and now you!


I want to help you focus on the $$$ and Impact More!

My background in engineering and in startups helped me recognize the knowledge gap, where Black, Brown , Women, and LGBTQ+ founders are left out of the conversation because they lack the digital skills to work smarter not harder. I’ve made it my mission to teach founders of color the foundational digital business skills they need to run and scale their small business. 

I created the Build your Digital Empire  to teach solo & creative entrepreneurs, private practice owners, educational content creators, or anyone who wants to learn the basics of content marketing,  leveraging social media to reach their ideal audience, and use technology to build and automate your systems.

Those that want to make a difference and have overcome so many hurdles are some of the hardest workers yet we are not the always bringing in the cash.  So we are going to leverage tech to get our coins or as I like to say “Reclamando Oro” (reclaim our gold) to build and redistribute wealth in our communities. 

Cause more $ means we can have more Impact in our communities.


  • You have had that idea sitting in the back of your mind and just waiting for “the right moment” 
  • You have a million and thirty five ideas and just need guidance executing.
  • You are a Creative Entrepreneur, You are a Small Business Owner, Service Provider, Private Practice Owner, Freelancers or Educational Content Creator and Community Builder.
  • You know you have a lot to share and you are struggling knowing how
  • You feel overwhelmed running the day to day and know there is an easier way!
  • You are driven by Social Impact and want to make a difference but you need to make that $$
  • You are tired of seeing mediocre white men make all the moneys, tired of our exploitative capitalism, and ready to build a new type of business model that puts community first!
  • You are ready to build, grow, profit AND make an impact.


  • If you don’t have an idea for a business yet
  • You have a physical product that you are aiming to sell, yes you need a system but this program is designed for digital product builders, community builders, coaches/ consultants, and service based businesses
  • You are not willing to commit to putting in the work now
  • Want an overnight success and quick buck
  • You love the current capitalist system and not looking to build through a social impact lens.
  • You are building a nonprofit, this is aimed to pay ourselves and profit but do it ethically while building for our community.
  • You are not ready to own your greatness!

What is this Bootcamp?

This is a cohort based program we will meet LIVE  virtually once a week to go over live lessons

We will also have accountability work sessions, office hours, and community builder hours (aka our happy hours) ! 

Each week you will gain access to the Course Content & Supplemental lessons

You will have lifetime access to the Course Content + it’s updates

You will also have access to our community, our team, and me during this 6 week program! 



Total Value if you were to buy each portion of this program individually is over $5687 USD

You get weekly office hours when you’re stuck 

And Deep Work Coworking Sessions a week

Mindset + Accountability support 

and a community that supports you 

One time Payment of $1297 

or 3 payments of $537 

Are you ready to build Better Systems?

Our Next Cohort starts September. Space is limited so apply to ensure we have a great learning environment.

 Let’s get on a 20 minute call to make sure we are a mutual fit!



This will start on the first Tuesday of September 2021. We will meet live to review that week’s lesson.  We will also have additional community support sessions, office hours, and accountability. 

Q:Is this open to only black, Brown, &/or Latinx People?

Black, Brown, and Latinx people are prioritized as we want to ensure we are creating a space that we can build and work through our business mindset in addition to implementation. Folks who do not identify as black, brown, and/or latinx will be considered on a case by case basis however you are invited to apply to with me on a VIP build for you basis.

Q:is one on one coaching & Mentorship available?

Yes! I am available to be your Business Systems + Implementation Coach & Mentor to ensure you get it built! There is a limited amount of 5 spots per cohort available for additional one on one coaching support. We will meet in addition to the program for 6 sessions biweekly one on one with direct access via text & email. To be considered please indicate interest in your application.

Q: Will I increase my profit by joining this program?

While I cannot guarantee a minimum amount that you will increase your profits – my goal is to help you establish fundamental business operations. This will get you focused on increasing your overall revenue, ensuring you are spending less time on the “day to day” that is not increasing your $$. We will also focus on leveraging content marketing to increase.

Q: Will we just learn or will you help us execute too?

Execution all the way baby! If you are willing and ready to but the work in I am here to support you. You will have access to the community and I will be there to help you when you get stuck.

Q: Do I have access to the content right away?

There are additional bonus content and workshops available that you will have access to once you join the program

Each week you will gain access to that week’s topic with bonus worksheets. It is laid out week by week and done intentionally to keep you focused.

You will gain access to the bonuses as it aligns with course content.

Q: What if I need extra help?

During the 6 weeks you have access to our team ! I am here to answer any questions you have and always accessible via our cohort slack and via email. If you want additional one on one access to me Joy Valerie private Business Systems + Implementation coaching is available.

Q: Do I have access to content for a limited time?

You will have life time access to course content additionally you will have 6 months access to our Builder Squad Knowledge base with tutorials and content updated consistently for you.

You also have access to our slack to connect with me and your cohort!

Q: I still have questions can I chat with you?

Yes you can! Feel free to reach out to me via DM on instagram, email

Are you ready to build Better Systems?

Our Next Cohort starts September 

Space is limited so apply  now.