Building with Analisa Cantu: Being a Creative in Tech

Analisa Cantu is a remote content strategist who is from the Texas-Mexican border. In our conversation, Analisa and I touch on a bunch of topics like her journey from a higherschooler interested in journalism to specializing in content strategy, the importance of monetizing your skills, and freelancing tips! You can find Analisa on Instagram & Twitter as @analisacantu

Build with Georgie-Ann: How to Get Sh*t Done

Georgie-Ann is an Execution Strategist whose brand focuses on helping entrepreneurs create digital products and services. Georgie-Ann is the founder of GSD Solutions, author of “The Art of Getting Sh*t Done”, speaker, & more. Her principle on getting sh*t done is to: plan, produce, and profit. We discuss the power of being broke, accessing resources, and importance of taking care…

Creating businesses that solve society’s problems

The world is seeing what many from marginalized communities have known too long, American capitalism does not work for all of us. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing how fragile this system is and shuddering the economy. Those affected and at a disadvantage are disproportionately people of color — black, brown, Latinx, immigrant, rural — working-class…

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