Build with @BreBurrito: How to Simplify and Automate Businesses

We’re chatting with Breana aka @BreBurrito Graphic Designer, that’s worked with some of your fave Latinx brands (like Shop Latinx, Hija de tu Madre,Rizos Curls, Vive cosmetics, and more) she is also a Podcaster, Listicle Maker, Dorito Expert, Meme Connoisseur and self proclaimed influencer. We’re going to talk about how she is building the Latinx Empire and how to simplify…

Are your everyday purchase funding political campaigns ? There is an app for that!

We need to shop our values, now more than ever we are realizing how our money affects policy. There is a power in boycotting but also in a capitalist economy businesses serve their customers. Yet businesses have lots of leverage in politics – lobbying companies and passing policy that benefits corporations over people. So how do we ensure that we’re…

5 Alternative Tools To Secure Your Privacy Online instead of Whatsapp, Google, and Zoom

Here are 5 Alternative Tools To Secure Your Privacy Online instead of Whatsapp, Google, and Zoom. If it is free it is because you are the product. This is something to keep in mind, we often think of the internet as free. There are real costs associated with it, from fiber optics, data centers, engineering, and operational costs. However, we’ve become accustomed to thinking of the internet as “free”. Companies may allow you to access their tools for free but this is because they are harvesting and using your data to sell to advertisers. I spent much of my career in advertising technology trafficking and targeted advertising campaigns for ideal clients. Many do not realize the power our behavioral data has on these apps and online.

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