If you’ve been making tons of IG live content and want to export it repurpose into YouTube content and podcasts but don’t know how to save your instagram videos to your computer I am here to show you how with out having to buy ANY software.

1. Sign into Instagram on your Computer

Instagram Profile

2. Go to your IGTV Tab on your profile

Find Your Instagram Video Tab

3. Click on the Video you want to Export

Inspect your Instagram Live Video

4. Right Click and Select “Inspect Element”

Export your Instagram Live Videos to your Computer step 4

5. Click on the “Select an Element to Inspect” tool

Inspect the HTML of your Instagram

6. Hover over the video

Hover over your Instagram HTML Live

7. Select on the Link of the Video

Find the URL of your Instagram Live Video

8. Copy and Paste the link in a new tab

Open your Instagram Live Video

9. Select Download

Download Instagram Live Video

10. Click on the 3 dots in the lower right corner

Export your Instagram Live Videos to your Computer

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