What is AWS this is the bread and butter of Amazon and provides hosting services for most of the internet. Your favorite hosting services use this, rent it out to you, then just sell it to you at a higher price so we’re going to set it up directly. There are tons of hosting services and yes it might be pretty and super easy – but we are on a budget here and with just a couple extra steps we’re going to set up our WordPress on AWS all while learning an in-demand skill.

Here are the steps to get there

  1. Sign up for an AWS account for Free at aws.amazon.com
  2. Enter your Email and select personal account
  3. Enter your Address & Payment Info * You will only be charged on services you use and there are lots of free trials*
  4. Register!
  5. Login at aws.amazon.com/console
  6. Select Root User
  7. Log in and start building!

If you want to follow along to a ragtag quick video of me setting up an account click below

Part 2: Login In to AWS

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