Here is a how to use Crowdcast to host Free & Paid workshops, livestreams, conferences and summits 🙂

Sign up for a Free Trial and I get a small commission to keep making awesome education content for you .

You can use crowdcast to host a live event such as a panel with up to 4 people, a multi day or multi event summit where you can include different sessions, and you can charge a sliding fee, patron only connection, or free event paid out immediately with stripe.

The best part about crowdcast is every event is recorded and immediately goes into replay once it is done and your attendee has lifetime access. It’s one of the simplest ways to monetize aka make money off your workshops, panels, and create virtual events.

Here is the step by step how to:

  • Sign up for Crowdcase here
  • Select “New Event” to create your new event
  • In the Basic Info Tab add in your date and time here you can also add in dates and times for multiple sessions
  • Add in your event description and make sure that you include hyperlinks and that it opens in a new tab
  • Add in description
  • Add in Access for what type of ticket: sliding scale, fixed price with coupons, Password only, or for your Patrons
  • In the Cover tab you can insert an image for your event or include your videos
  • Hit save
  • This link will be the same for folks to register, watch live, and watch the replay.

PS: Know when I have new events by adding me on Crowdcast I host workshops where I teach down tech, money, and startups hacks for everyday husters and builders find me


  • Paulo Sellitti
    Posted September 22, 2020 5:58 PM

    Great video Joy. Can you collect payment in ClickFunnels and then auto-register the customer into a private crowdcast?

    Also, what do you do if you have two sessions of the same workshop and the customer has to pick one?

    • Joy Valerie Carrera
      Posted September 29, 2020 7:27 PM

      hey! so you can upgrade to a pro plan and allows for zapier to be able to autoregister. You could upload a list if not. the api is only available on the pro paid plan. Crowdcast does let you have multiple events as well as different sessions. Happy to Schedule a strategy consult if you’re looking for more in depth sales funnel & Ops building

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